Study Room Reservations


Use our online reservation system to book Library 

Please read the rules below completely before making a reservation to ensure sure you understand the various policies in place and the daily limits on bookings.   

Study Space Reservation Policy

**Read Before Creating a Study Room Reservation**

  1. To use a Study Room you must make a reservation. Reservations are necessary to ensure room availability.
  2. Study Rooms are for the sole use of current Southwestern students. Reservations must be made using your email account.
  3. You may not bring guests, including family members, into the Library with you.
  4. Study Room capacity is limited to four students.
  5. Rooms are booked in two-hour increments. Each student may make one reservation per day. Students who wish to study together should each make their own reservation for consecutive hours.
    • TAs and Dean's Fellows are allowed an extra two hours per week for official functions. These hours must be booked by contacting Circulation. TA and DF hours are not available during reading days or finals.
  6. Study Rooms may be booked up to 5 days in advance. 
  7. The Library will delete reservations that attempt to circumvent the Room Reservation. Policy. Repeated attempts to circumvent the Policy may result in loss of Study Room reservation privileges.
  8. You may only reserve a room that you will be occupying.
  9. You may not reserve a room for another individual.
  10. Students are responsible for their personal property at all times and should never leave items unattended. The Library takes no responsibility for any items left in a Study Room. You are not able to lock the Study Room door.
  11. Students must promptly exit a Study Room that has been reserved. Courtesy and civility when yielding rooms are required. Students must yield the room to law student colleagues with a valid reservation.
  12. You may remain in your room after the end of your reserved time if no one else has scheduled the room.
  13. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes of submitting your reservation, please call (213-738-5771) or email ( the Circulation Desk and a Staff Member will assist you.
  14. Study Rooms that remain vacant 15 minutes after the reservation start time will become available for other students’ use. During reading days and finals the reservation slot will become available 5 minutes after the reservation start time.
  15. You are responsible for the appropriate use of the Study Room and for restoring the room to its pre-use condition.
  16. Sanitizing wipes or other cleaning supplies are provided. We recommend that you wipe down your area before you begin to study and when you leave, for the safety of you, others in the Library, and our maintenance staff.
  17. The windows in the Study Rooms should not be blocked or covered.
  18. Study Rooms are not soundproof. Please be respectful of your law student colleagues and keep conversations at a reasonable decibel.  Library Staff will ask students who are excessively noisy and disturbing other library patrons to vacate the Study Room.
  19. You must observe all posted state and local health orders as well as Library rules. Access privileges will be suspended for anyone who does not comply.

Thanks for reading our Rules. Happy Studying.

Reservation Instructions

  1. Click the Study Room or Study Room Reservation button.
  2. The booking page displays the 21 study rooms available for individual or group (max 4 people) study. 
  3. The availability grid displays the available time slots for each bookable seat.
  4. Use the  Go To Date button to view seat availability for a specific date. Clicking the button will display a calendar date picker which you can use to navigate to a future date.
  5. Use the previous (<) and next (>) buttons to navigate ahead and back one date at a time.
  6. By default, the grid will display the availability for the current date.
  7. The grid shows availability times in one of four color patterns
    • Green a time slot that is available to be booked. 
    • Red a time slot is not available to be booked. N.B. This can mean either the space is booked by another student or the time slot is unavailable as the reservation start time, e.g. the last half-hour of the day.  So a red square does not always mean that the room is unavailable during that time. 
    • Gold indicates the booking duration selected by the user. This defaults to 60 minutes, but can be adjusted up to the booking maximum (2 hrs), at the bottom of the page. 
    • Grey a space is closed at that time, e.g. falls outside of the Study Room hours),

Problems with Confirmation Emails?

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 10 minutes please email Circulation ( and Cc Reference (  A Staff member will confirm it for you.  Please include the Study Room floor and number and time slot of your reservation in the email. 

What do you think about our reservation system?

We welcome comments, suggestions, and feedback about the new study space reservation system.  Please email our Reference Team at with any questions or concerns.